Running Docker as PaaS in Azure

That is correct, because the Azure Web currently offers the options of running Web apps in

  • Windows
  • Linux , in preview (May 2017)

One of the core principles of containers is consistency and having the same image/environment and then lift and shift to the new platform wherever that is in a seamless way.

My conflict with containers specifically has been the dependency on Virtual Machines to run, which makes it a hassle in terms of support and scale. Because, one VM holds the Containers.

Running Containers in a Web app completely changes this approach, there’s no longer the task of supporting and maintaining the underlying Virtual Machine, that now is the job of Microsoft.

This is where containers make total sense, I will then lift and shift my container, Docker in this case and put it in the platform, and to prove/test it. I will migrate the containers version of this blog, currently running on a Centos VM in Azure:

With the intention to make it my production Blog.

The steps I will take:

  • Export the Containers, 1 for WP, 1 for MySQL
  • Export them to Web App
  • Re-point the DNS

Containers Looking good


  • Sven Kempf

    That sounds really great and is exactly what I was looking for (ACS is a nice start, but I still have to deal with VMs aufter installation).
    Will there be a way to integrate those “container Web Apps” into things like Kubernetes or Docker swarm as well?

    • That’s what I’m currently researching, it’d make a huge difference and eliminate VM management which again, the whole point of containers, I’ll keep the updates posted here. But as a principle, it should be able to integrate with both Swarm and Kubernetes. Exciting times 😀